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Monica Payne..World Race!




I am so happy to finally write this post for you guys! I hope you all love this inspiring top as much as I do! On a recent post called  Star Wars I featured a beautiful bracelet in support of a friend. I told you all I would have another exciting item to feature, and that is this amazing blue tank I have on!

I have a wonderful friend named Monica Payne who decided to be apart of World Race. For those of you not familiar with World Race  it’s an organization that gives people like you and me an opportunity to give back to the world around us by leaving everything behind and ministering to the less unfortunate. You travel to 11 countries in 11 months.

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World” This is what Monica stands for and embodies. Monica has sacrificed so much already! She has left her home, her job and soon her family and friends to serve others. But she can’t do any of this alone! She needs  your support to help fund her on her trip! For those of you who want to support but cant financially, You can help to spread the word about Monica by sharing this post to face book, twitter ( You can share this post to twitter below at the end of the post) even talking to friends. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Any donations more than 25$ you can receive the tank I have on! There is only one more left so act fast!

If you would like to donate! click here

For more info about Monica and her journey  please visit her website here

Thanks guys for all your support! Till next time!







20141011_143225 (1)


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Shoes: Zara old similar  here here

Bag: Forever21 similar here here

Coat: ASOS





ASOS Maxi Skirt


This month has been a crazy month for me in my personal life. I just want to thank everyone for having patience with me and continuing to support “Emily’s World!”

 I hope you all love this maxi skirt as much as I do! I have been waiting for awhile now to take pictures with this amazing skirt on but wanted to capture it in a more exciting place. Unfortunately I was not able to and could not wait any longer! So I decided to just let this outfit speak for itself, instead of letting the scenery take up more of the focus.

Ok so, this maxi is super long, sheer and is very flowy! I wore it with heels because of the length I’m 5’5 and it was very long.  At first glance this type of skirt may look overwhelming and make you think to yourself “what am I going to wear with that?” I think for me with these type of skirts depending on your waistline and how much you want to show a crop top will of course always go well or a tank top.

Thanks again everyone for your support!!! :)

Till next time!! xoxo

20140925_174847   20140925_174531







Top: H&M

Skirt: ASOS on sale!!! here


Star Wars!


Hey everyone! Sorry I have not posted in awhile! Please have patience with me!!

So I don’t know about you but I’m so happy Fall is finally here!! I get to bust out my all black outfits and my more, lets just say boyish ensembles! Black is one of my favorite colors it’s very mysterious and sexy without being to much or to loud.  As we approach Fall/Winter you will see more of the use of black in my outfits! With this particular outfit, black and leather goes so well together. I think giving it pop of color with the red just makes this outfit even better! My inspiration for this outfit was to feel comfortable but still be stylish. What do you think? Did I pull that off? Let me know below! I want to hear from you!

Also don’t forget to read about an exciting offer below!!!










Exciting offer for a great cause!! With a 15 dollar or more donation you will receive the bracelet I have on in the pictures! All the proceeds from this beautiful turquoise and black beaded bracelet go to help send my good friend Monica Payne on a missions trip where she will be spreading the gospel to 11 countries in 11 months! She is an amazing person that has sacrificed so much to serve others! I will be doing another post next week where I will talk more in depth about Monica’s journey and another exciting item I know you will all love!!

Meaning behind bracelet! There are 12 black beads and 12 turquoise beads. They represent the 11 countries she will be visiting and the 11 months that she will be gone for. The 12th bead represent her squad she will be journeying with and the white bead represents her. This bracelet serves as a reminder of her trip and what you will be supporting!

To Donate Click!!! here


For more information on Monica please visit her website! here

Thanks guys for all your help in advance!


Top: Forever21 On sale!! here

Skirt: Victoria Secret similar here here

Shoes: G by Guess here

White & Leather #KimK


Hey you guys! I wanted to take this time out to let everyone know that I have some really cool opportunities coming up for me soon yay!! That means more post and more outfits to share with you guys! I cant do any of this without all of your love and support! So Thank you so much for continuing to help me spread the word about “Emily’s World”.  Let your friends know, keep sharing, posting and let me know what you think of my outfits in the comment section below! I want to hear from you! I will continue to work hard and give you the best of me.

For this outfit I was really inspired by some of Kim Kardashians looks I seen on Pinterest. I must say that I do love how she dresses, despite of what people may think of her the girl can dress! I love how she can just throw on something simple like jeans and a tank and still look sexy and chic! I decided to be a little risky and wear all white with a creme colored leather. I love it! What do you guys think?? Did I pull the Kim K sexy chic look or not? Let me know in the comment section below!

Till next time ya!!









Jacket : Bebe old similar here

Pants: Old Navy similar here

Shoes: H&M similar here

Earrings: Vintage

Necklace: Old Navy similar here




Mixing & Matching Transitional Pieces

So, I really wanted to show you all how to mix and match this grunge to chic look I have here. A lot of times we over think our wardrobe and get overwhelmed looking for the perfect outfit when we actually have some key pieces that are very versatile! One being black leather pants, black leather pants are a closet must have! I cant stress that enough, so make sure you have a pair! There are endless ways to dress them! Second is the military jacket. Military jackets are also very versatile, for example, you can wear one over a cute boho style dress, maxi, jeans, etc. I mean the list goes on!

As you can see in the picture above pairing these leather pants with something like a plaid shirt and military jacket gives it a edgy look but stilI keeps it wearable to different places.

GrungeMango long sleeve shirt / Dirty Laundry slip on boots / Michael Kors brass bracelet

In this picture you see how easily this plaid shirt can also be worn with some boyfriend jeans and boots. It gives it a grunge look. I paired this outfit with some gold and a yellow purse because I think the yellow just gives it a pop.
In this picture I switched it up a little bit. Again using the leather pants, I paired them with a striped crop top or an all black hoodie, depending on how your feeling you might want to have a more sexy look and go with the crop top or not and go with the hoodie. Just depends on what you like. I love the the yellow purse with this to. It also give this outfit a splash of color!
Till Next time!

Sunday Funday #2


So this post is especially important to me because when I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, it was a fresh new start for me. I wanted to have my own site where I could post about my own looks and style.  My prior work was more of me posting about fashion in general.  But this was going to be me in the center of the front page and I was a little scared about that.  I thought to myself what if people don’t like me or what if I’m in over my head? I decided to move on with my plans despite of my fears and just go for it! You could say my first few post were not the best. I wasn’t being myself, I was holding back and I was to worried about what others would think. In turn my post didn’t really shine the way it should have. I kept it safe and thats a no no if you really want to stand out among the rest!

  The post was called Sunday Funday at the time, I  wore this amazing tribal print maxi skirt I got from Urban Outfitters. I really wanted to wear it with with a crop top but was to scared, so I wore a tank top instead.

So today in honor of that post called “Sunday Funday” I wanted to repost that outfit with what I really wanted to wear!!

Hope you like till next time!





Maxi Skirt: Urban Outfitters here

Top: Free People here

Stay Fierce! #Chic


Hello everyone! So sorry I havent posted in a while! Lets just say life gets in the way sometimes when your trying to pursue any passion! But I’m back and have  some amazing outfits on the way.

 Stay Fierce! This top is exactly how I’m feeling right now! I’m fiercely pursuing my dreams like a lion!

This is my first time wearing my LC jean jacket. I really love mixing and matching colors like this. I honestly had to play around with this outfit in the mirror,  at first glance I didn’t think this jean jacket would go well with this outfit. To my surprise it did!

 Tip: I find my best outfits just mixing and matching things together in the mirror even things that might look tacky at first try this next time you are styling an outfit!

Till next time!









Jacket: Lauren Conrad old

Shirt: Express old similar here

Pants: Express old

Combat boots: Guess here




Crop top & Cut Offs


It’s a crop top and cut off shorts type a day! Feeling comfortable  has been my thing lately. I have on my infamous shorts that I love so much and wear with just about everything! Crop tops pair well with high waisted shorts or high waisted anything for that matter! I posted a link to a long sleeve striped crop top at the end of this post. Long sleeve crop tops are a great trend for the fall and excellent transitional piece. Now that we are heading into the fall transitional pieces are a must! So make sure to have you some!

Sorry for the short post! More coming soon promise!


20140802_170027 (1)


20140802_170750Top: H&M similar here

Shorts: Express Vintage see how I made them here


Shoes: Converse

Purse: Forever21

My Trip To Ecuador #TBT

1512430_950362868326070_106551235352545252_nHey yall! I really wanted to show all of you some pics from my amazing trip to Ecuador! I went there awhile back with my sister and two other woman for a missions trip. It was an amazing adventure and so humbling. I will never forget this incredible place! The people here are so welcoming and friendly. Even with the little that they had they were so giving. I can go on and on about this place but I will try and keep it short! I first visited Quito Ecuador, Quito is the capital and is the “New York City” of Ecuador.  I stayed in Quito for two weeks and then two weeks in Latacunga Ecuador. Latacunga is the country side of Ecuador. I loved both places equally but I would have to say I am more of a country girl so Latacunga was more my type of place. The people here treat you like you’re literally family. They would give you the shirts off their backs if they had to. They have taught me to appreciate what I have.

I got to visit an active volcano called Cotopaxi which is in the heart of Latacunga. I ate some wonderful food, I wish I had now! :) And I was able to travel inside of a real cave! Below are pictures from this incredible journey I had. Hope you like! If you have visited Ecuador also I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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High Waisted Skirt & Denim


I love these type of flowy high waisted skirts! I was always scared to wear them though because of them being so short. They just feel like any gust of wind that comes by your hole skirt will fly up. I had this particular skirt for years and never wore it for that reason. But I decided to take my chances this time and finally wear it. I love the detail on this skirt thats why I fell in love with it! I hope I captured the detail well enough in my pictures!

I usually see many people wear these types of skirts with a tank top, so I wanted to try something different and in this case it was pretty easy pairing it with a denim top. Denim is awesome! It pairs well with everything, so when in doubt wear denim! This is such a easy effortless outfit that is very transitional. You can wear to go out with some friends, a date, or even church! So if you have a high waisted skirt laying around like I did and dont really know what to pair it with try a denim top! Hope you like! Till next time!


20140802_172029 20140802_172232 20140802_172249 20140802_172212 20140802_172200 20140802_172040 Top: American Eagle old similar here

Skirt: Delias old similar here here

Shoes: H&M Old similar here here

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