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Love Yourself!

20140718_125353Today I wanted to go a different route then what i’m used to and talk to everyone about loving yourself and following your dreams! Im not going to go on a rant I promise! I just want to encourage everyone one today and keep it short and to the point. I recently have been going through a very difficult time in my life that made me second guess who I am. Because of this I’ve been pouring myself into my work and not giving up on what I know God has put in my life. I really believe that deep down inside as a woman we need to love ourselves, stop being so hard on ourselves and never except abuse of any kind! Let this be an encouragement to all of you readers. When you begin to love yourself you begin to see your worth and when you know your worth, cant nothing stop you! So be strong, don’t give up, live your dreams and most of all LOVE YOURSELF!! Have a great weekend Ya’ll!20140718_130206







Top: Free People here

Skirt: Chicwish here  similar here here

Shoes: Forever21

Bracelet: Vintage

Earrings: H&M



Fringe & Denim

IMG_20140715_182042For this shoot I was looking for a top to go with these DIY shorts I made not to long ago. To see how I made these shorts check out my “DIY Denim Shorts” post! I just wanted to keep things simple and use the bare minimal when it came to my look. I gave my hair a little beachy look and threw on some boots. Oh and If I could I would probably wear hoops with every outfit! My son and I found this really cool remote area here in Jacksonville. The sun was going down it was perfect! It became our little adventure! We just had fun with this shoot, Hope you like!

Dont forget to check how I made these DIY shorts! here










Top: Tart Collection Here

Bottoms: Vintage Express

Shoes: Forever 21



DIY Vintage Denim Shorts

IMG_20140707_145629  Right now Vintage denim shorts are a huge trend. And kind of difficult to find at least for me anyway. The department stores are kind of pricey and all of them always fit different. Places like Salvation Army have old vintage Levis or denim you can just cut and make into your own. These particular jeans though I found hidden in my closet somewhere.

The first thing I did was take a high lighter and mark where I wanted the length to be (Sorry no pics I didn’t realize until after the fact that I would be posting about this).  I made sure I cut the jeans in the middle of my calf  first (make sure you do this,I cant stress that enough!)  That way you can work your way up to the right fit. Most likely you’re going to have a different length then where your highlighter mark is. Every time I took some length off I tried the jeans on just to see how it would look on my body. I ended up not even reaching my highlighter mark, that was way to short!


20140715_090317You’ll need a box cutter and some scissors.

20140715_090821First I took an envelope folded it to the desired size and put it behind the pockets so that I could make a distress look. I cut three little lines.

20140715_112608I did this on the back pocket as well.

20140715_112424Then I cut some length off of only the front of my jeans, from the tip of my pointer finger to the middle of it. I did that on both sides

20140715_112648Now if you want an even cut fringe on your jeans like you see in the picture above, you can wash and dry them and your all done! But if you want them with a lot of fringe sticking out like mine in the picture below you can cut a little along the edges with box cutter to  take fabric out. when your done you can wash them and dry them and your all done!


20140715_141455I like my jeans all crazy looking like this but if you don’t and like them looking a little bit more clean don’t use the box cutter on the trim of the fringe. Hope you like!

2014-07-16 16.26.33

To see how I styled these shorts check out my post called Fringe & Denim!


Top: Free People here

Striped Top: H&M

Shorts: Vintage Express

Earrings: H&M

Shoes: H&M

Clutch: Forever21

Glasses: Old Navy (in store)

Red Mesh & Leather #TBT


It’s Throwback Thursday again! I found some old pics I took before going to see an Anthony Hamilton concert awhile back.  I wanted to share with ya’ll a little story behind my outfit inspiration. When I first purchased this red mesh shirt I noticed It looked a little dated but I wanted to challenge myself and try and make it work. I remember getting negative remarks about it but didn’t care, I was able to see passed what others were seeing.  All it needed was a black patent leather belt and some leather pants and voila! Your granny looking top turns into a chic top, that simple. Sometimes it’s good to look outside the box and challenge yourself, so my advice to everyone today is to stay true to yourself no matter what! We need trendsetters and risk takers! Oh and one more thing I wore this outfit with some leather high heel boots.





Top: Forever21 old

Pants: Forever21 old  similar here

Royal Blue Midi..


I’m so happy to finally show you this amazing royal blue skirt I got from Anthropologie by Eva Franco! When I first saw this skirt the color immediately caught my eye. I fell in love with it right away!

 Sometimes it may be a little difficult finding the right top to go well with this type of skirt, at least for me it was. I first wore this this skirt with a white tank and that didn’t look good at all! Depending on how small your waist is some shirts may make you look wide so in my opinion the most flattering top that goes well with this is a fitted button down. Also a belt will always give this skirt that extra something it needs, so play around with different belts to find the right match for you! I chose to wear flats with this, but heels would look just as good! (check out my instagram to see how I wore this outfit with heels! ).








 Skirt: Anthropologie I got this on sale for a really good price in store!

Find midi skirts: here here here

Top: Forever21 old

Shoes H&M similar here

Necklace: Old Navy (in store)

What Really Matters! #ThrowbackThursday

168341_183993181628803_8189910_n (1)

Pictures Taken By Jann Vivoni

So in honor of throwback Thursday I wanted to post some pics from a photo shoot I took a while back with my eldest son Isaiah. Isaiah recently got into a car accident and we almost lost him. But by the grace of God I still have my son and I’m so appreciative of the angles that were watching over him on that day. Isaiah is such an amazing kid! He teaches me so much on a daily basis. Even though I had Isaiah at a young age and made tons of mistakes he has grown into such a wonderful kid and has shown me what true love is! No matter how much I have failed him he still manages to see passed all of it. So I’m writing this post in honor of him and am proud to say that he is my son! I love you so much Isaiah!!





168711_185491014812353_2088327_n (1)








Dress: Old New York&Co.

Black Romper: Express similar here

Bag:Nine West

Sandals:Nine West

Kids Top: Gap

Kids bottoms:Gap

Summer Romper..

20140621_200808Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile!! I had a family emergency that I had to take care of but I’m back!

I’m loving rompers this Summer especially this one I have on. It’s fun and flirty. I just basically kept it simple with this, theres a hundred other things I could have done with this romper but thats another post! Laced up shoes are a definite wardrobe must! Check out my Laced Up post for more info on this laced up shoe trend!! Hope you like sorry for the short post more coming soon!



20140621_201111These amazing earrings I have on are vintage probably from the fifties. What you see is actually sewed in beads. The top is a spiral beaded design with beads hanging down like chandeliers. There incredible! If your a vintage lover like me you can appreciate these as much as i do.


Romper : Express old similar here

Shoes: H&M similar here here

Earrings: vintage

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White Inspiration..


Lately I’ve been getting inspired by the color white! There’s just something about the color white that’s very classic and timeless. During Summer everything is very vibrant and blooming. But even through all that the color white stands out all on its own. Theres a simplicity that I love about wearing the color white that I don’t necessarily feel when wearing other colors. This made me want to learn more about the color white. Upon my findings I found that some scientist argue that white is not a color and that it is actually the absence of color, but other scientist argue that because colors are created by light white is a blending of all colors, we see this in prisms and rainbows (interesting fact)! With all of that said white is my summer go to color this season whats yours?

One more thing I almost forgot! If your crushing on white like me check out Urban outfitters new “All White Out!” Look Book here! 

Let me know what color inspires you this season!!?  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!












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One Piece..




  Ok So I’ve been a little nervous about showing this post because I’m showing a little bit more skin then i’m used to, but it’s Summer time what the heck! I wanted to post pics of my one piece, since I did a post on one pieces being the new sexy not to long ago. I cant stress enough how true this is. One pieces are back and there are so many really cool ones out there! See some of my top fav one pieces at my ( One Piece… The New Sexy) post.

 I really think if your a momma like me and your still not ready to show to much out there on the beach then this bathing suit or this type of bathing suit (One pieces) is the one for you. It covers where it needs to cover but still looks sexy! Don’t limit yourself to a t-shirt and some shorts, you can wear a one piece and look just as fine! And for all of us who love our beach cover ups, tribal is popular this season so pick up a fun and colorful one. I love the one I’m wearing in particular (see below) because its so comfortable and has adjustable sides to fit your specific form, plus its beautiful!

P.S please look over my necklace always being  crooked or in the wrong place in these pics!










 Bathing Suit: Victoria Secret on sale!  Here

Cover up: Urban Outfitters here similar here

Jewelry: H&M

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Pictures Taken By Isaiah Galarza..

So today I just had fun with this outfit. I took a little bit of a risk by wearing these gladiator shoes but I wanted to try  something different and not play things safe.  My outfit inspiration was supposed to be very plain and simple but ended up being simple with a little edge.

I started out with this white button down shirt, I think it’s very simple and classy, it has an effortlessness about it. You could wear this top with boyfriend jeans,some heels, (see my boyfriend jean post for an example!) khakis or tights whatever floats your boat.  My shoes are from a consignment shop called Plato’s Closet located here in Jacksonville. I purchased them a while back for a great price and haven’t wore them since I had my son (Flat shoes are more comfortable for us mommy’s!) so it feels good to finally wear them.

 Another cool tip which most of you already know but for you who don’t is browns and tans always go well with other colors!  Im wearing my brown heels and brown belt with a white top but a red or blue top would have matched as well remember that! Hope you like!











 Top:Target here

Skirt: American Eagle similar on sale!  here here

Shoes: Bebe

Bracelet: old Forever21

Watch: Michael Kors

Rings: H&M similar here

Earrings: Bauble Bar here

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